Imperial Сhic Jewellery
Yurashkevich is a jewellery brand created by an artist, designer and art critic Maria Yurashkevich. A versatile professional background allows the designer to easily work with the symbols of her favorite eras — late Gothic and Renaissance, including the characteristic features of the art of these periods as elements of the jewellery. Thus, in the aggressive forms of the phalanx rings, one can see the reflection of the sharp tops of the Gothic spiers, and in the smoothed edges of the pot-bellied pendants the ringing of the German «pineapple» cups of the Habsburg era can be heard.

Yurashkevich creates sophisticated designs with a rich history that goes back to the imperial symbols of aristocratic families of the 15th century. The DNA of the brand is closely intertwined with the Renaissance — a time when people easily realized themselves in different spheres of life. When the careers of an artist and a military man were not considered contradictory. When genius and villainy were gracefully combined and power, luxury, art and philosophy were loved and admired. The sensuality of Petrarch and the danger of the Medici family are all embodied in Yurashkevich jewellery.

This historical influence does not make Yurashkevich designs less relevant. Stylisation does not turn them into museum exhibits. The pieces are perfectly adapted for the reality of today: current trends like sizes, proportions and methods of working with metals are a significant part of their individuality, along with the grand five-hundred-year-old forms. These are weighty, self-sufficient designs composed of simple forms, well known from the paintings of Botticelli, Leonardo, Raphael, Filippo Lippi and Piero de la Francesca. These rings, pendants and earrings have a quiet dignity of understated emotion, the perfect beauty of the golden ratio and the precision of traditional craftsmanship. This jewelry boldly allows itself to combine the styles of two eras, taking the best and most distinguished features from both.

Yurashkevich creates demi-couture jewellery. Trends of the 21st century are combined with masterful work. Whether it is the union of the links of the Tudor necklace, the setting of semi-precious stones in the earrings with large Gothic crosses or the pearl inlay of a heavy gold Bishop pendant. They are all made to be seen and appreciated.